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Our patented element modular technology allows individual parts to be changed, meaning the microphone boom arm can be removed from the headband. Many users are now wishing to wear their headset in different ways and/or the occasional accident resulting in a damaged headset, the modular nature of our JPL Element range means parts can be quickly and easily changed. Quickly swap your headband to a binaural for higher concentration and more focused calls, or to a monaural headband for lower concentration casual conversations.


Our Element range of headsets has been specifically designed to extend the life of the headset and reduce e-waste. Because of the modular design of the Element series, if a speaker, microphone or headband breaks (out of warranty), you only need to replace half of the headset (one part). Increasing the life of the headset, and decreasing the cost of ownership.

Attaching the Headband

To attach the microphone boom arm to the headband, align the triangle shape on the microphone boom arm with the triangle shape on the headband and push to click into place. The microphone boom arm will then rotate to your required position

Detaching the Headband

How to detach the microphone boom arm from the headband correctly: Supporting the neck of the headband with your index and middle fingers, gently push the microphone speaker with your thumb from inside the ear cushion to detach the microphone boom arm from the headband.

DO NOT push on the microphone boom arm through the ear cushion without supporting the neck of the headband to detach the boom arm from the headband. Doing this may cause the ear cushion and gimbal mechanism to come away from the headband.

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DECT Wireless Dual Speaker Headset

Improved and better than ever, the JPL-Explore has been upgraded to include enhanced software for better compatibility and sound, a new headband design with padded headband cushion, larger ear cushions, and swivel speaker housing for your all-day wearing comfort, as well as a longer microphone boom arm to further enhance Surround Shield™ noise cancellation.


Bluetooth Wireless Headset

When mobile phones and softphones replace desk phones in the office, you need a comfortable and ergonomic solution for those who spend long hours on the phone. The JPL-Element-BT500D is such a solution, a truly comfortable headset with Surround Shield™ noise cancellation, and audio telephony software. Premium audio speakers designed for music and speech, ideal for users moving to PC telephony for webinars, conference calls, music and other multimedia applications.


Premium Plus Office / Contact Centre QD Wired Headset

The TT3 AVANT series has a fully adjustable sure-fit, soft feel, and padded headband for additional comfort and support. With Surround Shield™ noise cancellation and a flexible microphone boom arm mean you can be heard clearly on all your calls. Compatible with all JPL PLX bottom leads for quick and easy connection to your desk phone or computer.

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