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From a doctor’s surgery reception to video conferences planning the day’s caseload, the rapid increase in the use of telecommunication technology to deliver healthcare services is fundamentally changing how patients and healthcare professionals interact with each other. From fully remote telephone consultations to departmental meetings, large swathes of the healthcare system now rely on digital communications to function and ensuring that these virtual connections are as good as they can be is essential.

JPL Supported Communications

Through JPL’s range of wired and wireless headsets, speakerphones and 4K video conferencing products, healthcare professionals can be assured of a high-quality service and products which deliver excellent performance. Meanwhile, the finance team will be pleased that it doesn’t have to bust the budget to get high-end telecom equipment for the healthcare sector.


Call clarity when you need it most, from doctor to patient.

Video Conferencing

Our range of video conferencing solutions will keep you connected.


Powerful audio and speakers to keep everyone in the conversation.

Clear Patient Communication

One thing that comes above all else in a healthcare setting is the patient, and with more consultations now taking place remotely than ever before, you need to know that patients can hear their healthcare professional clearly.

The right headset is critical to this, lightweight so the user doesn’t become uncomfortable, yet providing noise cancelling technology so the patient can hear the care worker without the distraction of background noise.

Technology for All Areas

The healthcare sector covers a huge range of disciplines and requirements when thinking about how telecommunications are used and the growing technology landscape means that more departments will increase online communication.

From reception to the treatment room, our telecommunication technology will enhance the experience of both the carer and patient through improved sound quality, better imagery and a focus on quality. This means our headsets, speakerphones and video conferencing products can be trusted to work when you need them.

What’s more, the end user doesn’t need to be an IT expert to get the benefits of our products, with Plug & Play technology, they just work.

Putting the Patient First

Doing the best you can for a patient starts with listening to them and then understanding their needs. Being able to hear and communicate clearly is therefore a fundamental need across all remote healthcare settings.

From initial consultations to follow-up appointments, patients across all settings and stages of care will benefit from their healthcare professionals using the best equipment they have available.

Whether the communication is through video or audio only, putting patient care first starts with using the right equipment.

Front of a JPL Agora with a Tryten logo overlaid

Tryten carts

The JPL Agora offers a wipeable, plug-and-play video camera solution with a handy Bluetooth remote control that pairs perfectly with the Tryten carts. The video sound bar includes a 16-step intelligent zoom to automatically detect who’s in the room and intelligently adjust the picture to focus on them. This an impressive solution for your healthcare needs.

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Speak to our team who can guide you through the process and help you to identify the right products for your situation.

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