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Video Conferencing Solutions

Vison Access Features
How to set up the Vision Access with Windows Hello
JPL Agora Features
JPL Agora Contents and Set Up
JPL Spitfire Features

USB Speakerphone

The New JPL Convey Product Features
JPL Convey Launch
Introducing The New JPL Convey

Bottom Leads

BL-055 Features
Enhance Your Communication with Our JPL Scout, Ergonomically Designed Push-to-Talk Amplifier!

USB Headsets for Unified Communications

What is Audio Telephony
Commander Range Features and Noise Cancellation Demonstration
JPL-402S-USB Headset Range Features & Noise Cancellation Demonstration
JPL Software Last Approach
JPL 502S USB Headset Range Features & Noise Cancellation

JPL Plug & Play USB Webcams

Vision Mini+ Product Features
Vision Mini+ Webcam Features
JPL Vision+ Webcam Unboxing

DECT & Wireless Headsets

JPL-Explore-B Product Features
JPL-Explore Wireless DECT Headset Launch
BT500D Unboxing, Features & Noise Cancellation Demonstration
JPL Explore Set up and Connect to a phone system
How to repair the JPL Explore headset with the base station
JPL Element X500 Unboxing
X500 90 Second Noise Cancellation Demonstration
JPL-Element-X500 – What’s in the Box
JPL-Element-X500 – Set up and connect to a Desk Phone
JPL-Element-X500 – How to connect a Handset Lifter
JPL-Element-X500 – How to connect the USB Cartridge Module for use with a Softphone
JPL-Element-X500 – How to connect the Bluetooth Cartridge Module for use with a Smartphone
Noise Cancelling JPL BT500 – 94-decibel Review

Premium Plus Office/Contact Centre Telecom Headsets

How To Maintain Your Headset
JPL-Element-TT3 – Swapping from Monaural to Binaural Headband
JPL- Element TT3 EVO Modular Headset Presentation

Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets

VOIP Headsets for Hearing Impaired Explained
JPL HAC-1 VOIP Headset Review

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