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The JPL-Element-X500 is a totally unique and sustainable DECT concept which future proofs the headset for future development in Bluetooth and USB technology.

It is a modular system that gives you multiple combinations. Users can select either Bluetooth or USB connection and have the option to change from monaural headband to binaural headband, even allowing you to switch headband during a call. The headset is easy to set up and maintain and is equally suited to a busy office or call centre environment.

Longer Life - Because of the modular design, if a speaker / microphone or headband breaks outside of warranty, you only need to replace half of the headset (one part), which means a longer life for the headset and a cost saving because you do not need to replace the complete headset.

Cost of ownership reduced - why change the whole headset when changing half is the solution!

  • User interchangeable headband from single ear to dual ear
  • Patent pending universal base with slot-in cartridge drawer to accept USB or Bluetooth modules
  • Surround ShieldT noise cancelling microphone
  • Sound ShieldT hearing protection
  • Max 100m (300ft) coverage
  • 7-8 hours talk time (stand by ~ 140 hours)
  • Quick recharge time (60-90 mins)
  • Patented interchangeable headband (Patent No. GB2524334B)
  • Full range of EHS cords available for all major softphones
  • Volume and mute control on headset
  • Compatible with all major softphones
  • 24-month repair or replacement warranty

SKU: 575-268-001 | MSRP: $215.95

Headset Partners

Avaya DevConnect TestedUnify

X500 Cartridge Modules

By simply adding either a USB or Bluetooth cartridge module you can turn the JPL-Element-X500 into a softphone compatible wireless headset.

Giving connectivity to your PC or laptop's softphone client.

.  Element-X500 USB Cartridge Module

PC audio streaming. .

Softphone interoperability through USB/computer with 3CX, Avaya One-X, Cisco Jabber, Counter Path or Skype with assistance from the JPL Gateway. JPL Gateway software must be installed and running for remote call control functions to work with supported softphones.

The JPL Gateway is available to download from the JPL Gateway page.

.  Element-X500 with BT Cartridge Module

Bluetooth allows the DECT headset to connect wirelessly to any three Bluetooth devices simultaneously (mobile, dongle, tablet).

This headset allows wireless conversations from any desk phone, softphone and mobile.

JPL X500 Modules

JPL X500 USB Cartridge
JPL X500 BT Cartridge

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JPL is a volume manufacturer of telephone headsets, selling directly to resellers and branding for other headset manufacturers. JPL supplies innovative call centre headsets as an alternative to Plantronics devices, in both wired and wireless styles.