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The Propeller Marks JPL Telecom’s Entry into Video Conferencing – UC Today

JPL launches Spitfire and Agora, its very first all-in-one video conferencing units.

In today’s world, hybrid work meetings are becoming a significant and inseparable part of our agendas. For companies, this means putting extra thought and effort in making meeting rooms video-conferencing-friendly. However, as video conferences multiply and expectations rise, settling for a single webcam and a set of speakers is no longer an option when it comes to meetings including multiple participants. To foster equal participation and provide a quality experience to attendees – both physically present and remote – companies require something extra. That something extra is complete video conferencing units.  

As a seasoned endpoint manufacturer highly attentive to its users, JPL Telecom was quick to recognize that evolving need and translate it into action. Having partnered with the finest of minds of the video conferencing industry for the development process, JPL launches two all-in-one video soundbars under its Propeller range: the Spitfire and the Agora. 

Venturing into Video Conferencing: A Natural Step

For JPL, venturing into video conferencing was a natural next step from their existing portfolio of headsets and webcams, considering the current industry climate. 

“We asked ourselves: what are users looking for? What are the gaps, and how can we fill them properly?” shares Morgan de Ruiter, Managing Director EMEA at JPL Telecom. 

To find out, JPL did what they always do: reach out to their customers and ask. 

“One of the things we learned during the research phase was that companies see their boardrooms as a representation of their corporate identity to customers,” de Ruiter explains. 

“They invest in making those rooms look as polished as possible, but then the video guys come in, and suddenly there are cables everywhere. That was one of our main takeaways: creating video conferencing products that are flexible and have the bare minimum when it comes to cables.” 

Another key takeaway guiding JPL in planning their video soundbars was ease of use. 

“Not everyone are tech experts, and a lot of people don’t want to have to deal with software and configuration,” de Ruiter says. 

“With the Spitfire and the Agora, being 100% Plug and Play, all you have to do is plug in a USB cable – and you have a full up-and-running video conferencing solution.” 

Catering to Meeting Spaces Both Small and Large

PL’s two new video soundbars are respectively designed to cater to small huddle rooms and large conferencing rooms, but are nearly identical in features, quality and value provided. 

“Both the Spitfire and the Agora have a 4k lens and an auto framing capability, using AI to track faces and sounds across the room, providing a much more immersive and involved feeling to participants,” shares Jonathan Nuttall, UK Sales Manager at JPL Telecom. 

“Sound-wise, they both have HQ microphones and speakers, which was critical to us. The way we look at it, you can’t provide top-notch video with poor sound – everything has to be in the same level.” 

The Agora, being designed for large conference rooms, naturally offers bigger speakers, providing clearer sound. But it has another unique feature: a Bluetooth pairing capability.   

“You can pair it up to devices such as speakerphones, which means that a participant located at the far end of the room can have a conversation at a normal voice level without having to shout over the rest of the group,” Nuttall says.   

An Attractive Offer for Customers and Partners Alike

JPL’s Propeller range units pose an attractive opportunity for both end-users and resellers. 

“Our video soundbars have an extremely competitive pricing,” notes de Ruiter. 

“The average market price for this type of products is very expensive, and we brought it down to a level making it much more accessible to users, without having to compromise on quality.” 

“When it comes to partners, our margin proposition is two to three times higher compared to the competition. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for everyone” 

JPL Telecom’s Spitfire and Agora will be launched later this month. 

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